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Best boiler warranty

//Best boiler warranty

Who Offers Best Boiler Warranty?

Buying a new boiler is an investment and choosing the right boiler for your home will be dependent on many factors, but the boiler warranty is important to consider.  When boilers get older, the likelihood of faults occurring increases which could result in boiler breaking down. If your boiler breaks down then you are left without heating or hot water, not to mention an expensive Boiler repair or replacement. The length of the period will have a big impact on your long-term boiler maintenance cost which is why it is important to choose the right boiler warranty.

If you experience a fault with the boiler, the manufacturer will repair your faulty boiler free of charge. Manufacturers offer a range of warranty periods across their products, which vary depending on the model or the length of warranty.

Vaillant boiler warranty

Vaillant boffers a minimum of 2 years standard warranty. You can extend this for up to 10 years, by paying a one-off cost at the time of boiler replacement.

Vaillant Boiler RangeWarranty (Standard)
ecoTec Exclusive with Green iQ

5 Years

ecoTec Plus

5 Years

ecoTec Pro

2 years

ecoFit Pure

2 years

Worcester Boiler warranty

Worcester boilers comes with 2–5 years standard warranty depending on the model you choose.

Worcester Gas boiler

Worcester Boiler RangeWarranty (Standard)
Greenstar i5 Years
Greenstar ri5 Years
Greenstar cdi5 Years
Greenstar si5 Years

Worcester Oil boiler

Worcester Boiler RangeWarranty (Standard)
Greenstar Heatslave II2 Years
Greenstar Danesmoor2 Years
Greenstar Utility2 Years

Baxi Boiler warranty

They offer 2 years standard warranty on most models, however some specific models comes with 5 – 7 years warranty.

Baxi Boiler RangeWarranty (Standard)
Baxi combi boiler2 Years
Baxi Platinum combi boiler5 Years
Baxi EcoBlue + combi boiler5 Years
Baxi EcoBlue Advance combi boiler7 Years
Baxi EcoBlue system boiler5 Years
Potterton Titanium Combi boiler5 Years
Potterton Titanium Heat boiler2 Years

Intergas Boiler warranty

Intergas offers minimum of 3 years warranty on their boilers.

Intergas Boiler RangeWarranty (Standard)
Intergas Rapid3 Years
Intergas Rapid plus6 Years
Intergas Compact HRE7 Years
Intergas Compact HRE SB7 Years
Intergas Compact HRE OV7 Years
Intergas Eco RF10 Years


Ideal Boiler warranty

Ideal Boiler RangeWarranty (Standard)
Ideal logic10 Years
Ideal Vogue12 Years
Ideal Vogue Gen210 Years
Ideal logic +7 Years
Mexico HE2 Years

Biasi Boiler warranty

Biasi Boiler RangeWarranty (Standard)
Biasi  Inovia combi5 Years
Biasi Advance plus 7 combi5 Years
Biasi Advance combi5 Years
Biasi Inovia System5 Years
Biasi Advance plus 7 system7 Years
Biasi Advance system5 Years

Alpha Boiler warranty

Alpha Boiler RangeWarranty (Standard)
Alpha E-TEC Plus combi boiler10 Years
Alpha E-TEC5 Years
Alpha EVOKE5 Years
Alpha INTEC GS5 Years
Alpha E-TEC Regular boiler7 Years
Alpha E-TEC S5 Years
Alpha PROTEC Plus system boiler3 Years

Ferroli Boiler warranty

Ferroli Boiler RangeWarranty (Standard)
Modena HE5,7,10 Years
iBoiler – i29 combi2 Years
Energy Top2 Years

Glow worm Boiler warranty

Glow worm Boiler RangeWarranty (Standard)
Glow worm combi boilers3-7 Years
Glow worm system boilers3-7 Years
Glow worm Heat only boilers3-7 Years

Vokera Boiler warranty

Vokera Boiler RangeWarranty (Standard)
Vokera combi boilers5-10 Years
Vokera system boilers3-7 Years
Vokera Open vent boilers7-10 Years

Viessmann Boiler warranty

Viessmann Boiler RangeWarranty (Standard)
Viessmann combi boilers7-10 Years
Viessmann system boilers3-10 Years
Viessmann Open vent boilers5 Years

Boiler 10 years warranty

Atag are the only type of boilers that come with standard 10 years warranty. If your installer is accredited from the manufacturer then they might be able to offer you up to 10 years warranty.

It is essential that your warranty gets registered within 30 days of your new installation, otherwise you will only get 12 months.

All new boilers come with a standard warranty. The warranty period will vary from 2 to 10 years. Read our guide to see who the offers best warranty.

If you are replacing your boiler then it’s wise to ask the engineer about extended warranties. It is also advisable acquire multiple boiler quotes; some installers will have extended warranty included in the quote.

This information provided is correct as of June 2019.