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Intergas boilers Guide

Intergas boilers are designed and built in Holland to the highest standards from premium quality materials. With only 4 moving components, exceptional reliability is guaranteed. Their patented 2 in 1 heat exchanger is incredibly energy efficient and exceeds all European energy efficiency legislation. The bestselling boiler in Holland is now available in the UK and features in which magazines top 5 best boilers.

Intergas have re-invented the combi boiler, their patented two in one heat exchanger has revolutionized boiler design forever. This innovative heat exchanger now allows Intergas to produce a combi boiler that no longer requires an unreliable diverter valve, secondary hot water plate heat exchanger, valve motor, diaphragm and even an auto air vent to produce heating and hot water. All the components that fail in a traditional combi boiler have been eliminated from the Intergas combi boiler.

This boiler is stylish, well built, and comes with either a 6,7 or 10 year parts & labor warranty as standard for your complete peace of mind

Why Intergas boilers ?

  • Intergas have designed, redesigned and evolved the development of their boiler range with RELIABILITY and EFFICIENCY in mind.
  • Over 2 Million Boilers sold in over 20 Countries.
  • Hot water is independently heated, even if the pump was ever to fail. the boiler will still provide you with HOT WATER AT ALL TIMES.
  • The only boiler that condenses 100% of the time in heating and hot water mode, giving you 88.2% efficiency on hot water demand unlike other boiler brands.
  • With only 4 moving parts and not a single failure of the unique 2 in 1 heat exchanger in the last 20 years, Intergas take boiler reliability to a new unparalleled height, unmatched by any other boiler manufacturer.
  • The technology used in the construction of the heat exchanger in the intergas boiler is the same used by BMW in the manufacturing their engine blocks.
  • The Intergas boiler range is whisper quiet in operation and delivers hot water in abundance.
  • No need to buy another boiler if you want to upgrade your heating system to include an external water heating cylinder, just press a few buttons and it can become either a combination or a system boiler.
  • 6, 7 and 10 year Warranties available with 10 year Warranty on Heat Exchangers.


Combi Compact Eco RF

For over twenty years, Intergas has been focusing on perfecting its High Efficiency boilers and the Combi Compact HR is the result. This High Efficiency combi boiler is a brand leader in the Netherlands and, with its unique double High Efficiency technology – a major breakthrough at the time, it remains the basis for the latest generation of Combi Compact boilers – the Combi Compact ECO RF. The success of the Combi Compact ECO RF’s design has been acknowledged by the Dutch consumer association, the Consumentenbond and has been awarded the “Best Tested” accolade for two years running.

Benefits and Features

  • Unique 2-in-1 heat exchanger
  • 10 year warranty on parts
  • 10 year warranty on heat exchanger
  • Virtually no standby losses (< 2,0 Watt)
  • High efficiency pump, EuP ready (2015)
  • Innovative control system
  • Just 12 components, only 4 moving parts
  • Ultra high efficiency, boiler condenses 100% continually
  • Build RF-module providing wireless connection to Honeywell wireless room thermostats

Models Available;

  • Combi Compact ECO RF 24
  • Combi Compact ECO RF 30
  • Combi Compact ECO RF 36

Intergas Combi Compact HRE

Combining high efficiency in domestic hot water and central heating modes, the Combi Compact HRE’s energy-efficient design is a perfect example of our revolutionary condensing boiler technology – Double High Efficiency – in action. With an efficiency rating of up to 95.8% for domestic hot water, the Intergas Combi Compact HRE is available with four power outputs to satisfy most domestic applications. All our HRE boilers are Energy Saving Trust recommended.

Benefits and Features

  • SEDBUK Band A
  • No diverter valve or valve motor
  • No hot water plate heat exchanger
  • No air pressure switch
  • Less parts, more reliability
  • Almost no standby losses
  • Horizontal and vertical flue options
  • Possibility to install the central heating system apart from the hot water system
  • 10 year warranty on heat exchanger

Models Available

  • Combi Compact HRE 24/18
  • Combi Compact HRE 28/24
  • Combi Compact HRE 36/30
  • Combi Compact HRE 36/40

Intergas Rapid

The Intergas Rapid combi boiler: smart in every sense combining high efficiency in both hot water and central heating modes, the Rapid retains all the benefits of Intergas’ revolutionary condensing boiler technology. It’s available in two power outputs to satisfy most domestic applications.All parts in the Rapid boiler are easily accessible as the boiler case is removed from the front and, with the built-in expansion vessel, there is no need to use a jig. Intergas provides a 3 year warranty on labor and parts.

Benefits and Features

  • Save money on energy bills as condenses it 100% of the time in both heating and hot water modes
  • ErP compliant as high efficiency pump is fitted as standard
  • Built-in digital time clock
  • Flow rates up to 11.2 liters per minute at 35C rise
  • Central flue with flue lengths up to 13 m
  • Just 12 components, including 4 moving parts means less maintenance, lower service costs and greater reliability
  • 4 in 1 boiler, combi easily converted into system, open vent or multi point by simply changing parameter settings in the software
  • Built-in expansion vessel
  • Fixing bracket, no jig
  • Mirrored sight glass fitted
  • LPG options available

Models Available

  • Intergas rapid 25
  • Intergas rapid 25 plus – 6 Year Warranty
  • Intergas rapid 32

Intergas Compact HRE Open Vent

The Intergas Compact open vent boiler is a central heating-only boiler for use in an open vented system with a header tank. An ideal replacement for existing open vent boilers, it is designed to supply your home with all the warmth you need. The constantly modulating fan automatically adjusts the capacity of the boiler to your requirements, making sure no valuable energy is wasted. A hot water storage cylinder can also be added, enabling the boiler to provide hot water too.

Benefits and Features

  • SEDBUK Band A
  • No air pressure switch
  • Easy to service and easy to maintain
  • Almost no standby losses
  • Horizontal and vertical flue options
  • 10 year warranty on heat exchanger

Models Available

  • Compact HRE 18 OV
  • Compact HRE 24 OV
  • Compact HRE 30 OV

Intergas Compact HRE System Boiler

A central heat-only boiler, the intergas Compact HRE SB system boiler creates the warm and inviting home you’ve always wanted. Like all intergas boilers, the Compact HRE SB only works with regular on/off thermostats but also with programmable room thermostats. The built-in frost thermostat protects your system against cold weather damage by adding a hot water storage cylinder. The boiler can heat the hot water as well as feed the radiators.

Benefits and Features

  • SEDBUK Band A rated Boiler
  • No air pressure switch
  • Easy to service & easy to maintain
  • Almost no standby losses
  • Horizontal and vertical flue options
  • 10 Years warranty on heat exchanger

Models Available

  • Intergas Compact HRE 18 SB
  • Intergas Compact HRE 24 SB
  • Intergas Compact HRE 30 SB
  • Intergas Compact HRE 40 SB

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