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Boiler maintenance

//Boiler maintenance

Boiler maintenance – why its important?

It’s essential to maintain your boiler as boiler repairs are expensive and a boiler replacement is costly. Regular maintenance will keep your boiler healthy, efficient and save you money in the long term.

Boiler maintenance Tips & Advise

Boiler service

Getting your boiler serviced annually will keep it running smoothly. A registered gas safe engineer will check all the components to ensure they are safe and working as they should be. Then he will be able to fix any problems, identify any potentials problems and ensure that the boiler is running safely and well maintained.An annual boiler service is a sensible option to maintain the efficiency of your boiler.


It is recommended to turn your heating on for 10 or 20 minutes every so often to keep your boiler ticking over in the summer.

Boiler flame

The boiler flame should be clear blue, if appears yellow it means there could be something wrong and you should contact a professional gas safe engineer to investigate further.

Bleeding radiators

Check to see if your radiators are heating properly. If your radiators are colder at the bottom, then air is trapped in the system. You can bleed your radiators to release trapped air in the system.

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Boiler pressure

A boiler loses its pressure over time and that can cause your heating system to work in-efficiently by putting more strain on the boiler. Check the pressure gauge on your boiler to determine the boiler pressure and make adjustments if needed. The boiler pressure should be between 1 and 1.5 bar

Lag the pipes

It’s a simple DIY job but can make a huge difference in the boiler efficiency. You can buy pipe lagging from most DIY stores and slip it over your pipes in minutes.

Keep it tidy

Boilers needs ventilation so the area around the boiler must be kept clean and clutter free. If your boiler is situated in a cupboard, keep the cupboard clear and tidy.

General boiler health check

Check your boiler regularly to find any leaks or noises. This will help you find any problems and you can get boiler repaired before it breaks down. Check the flue and radiators to make sure everything is in the optimum condition.

Boiler maintenance cost

A boiler service or maintenance cost will depend on your boiler condition. We advise you to get multiple boiler service quotes to get the best price.

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Below are the average prices for various boiler services

Boiler services

Work details

Average price

Gas boiler serviceInspection and testing. Cleaning, Issue safety record£50 – £100
Oil boiler serviceInspection and testing. Cleaning, Issue safety record£70 – £170
Boiler maintenance & repairDiagnosis, fixing small problems£50 – £120
Boiler service & repairBoiler service, Diagnosis£75 – £210

Gas boiler maintenance

If your current boiler uses natural gas, propane or butane then a check-up every two years is required.

Oil boiler maintenance

An oil boiler should be checked once every year as it requires more attention compared to a gas boiler.

If you use wood, pellets, coal or solid fuel, then it is required by law to check your boiler once a year.

Boiler maintenance near me

You can use our free services to get boiler maintenance and boiler repair quotes near you, from professional registered engineers.