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Boiler replacement and installation cost

//Boiler replacement and installation cost

New Boiler cost

If your old boiler is broken, inefficient and you are looking to change it with a new, efficient boiler, we recommend you to compare boiler installation cost to get the best boiler deal.

We have put this guide together to help homeowners to understand new boiler cost and help you get an idea of how much is a new boiler ?

Installation cost of a new boiler depends on

  • Size of your property
  • Type of new boiler
  • Brand of new boiler
  • Boiler accessories such as smart controls, smart thermostatic valve
  • Pipe work

Approximate Boiler replacement and installation cost

Property TypeRecommended BoilerApproximate new Boiler cost
Flat 1-2 Bedroom24 KW£1800 to £2600
2 Bedroom House24-28 KW£2100 to £2700
3 Bedroom House28-33 KW£2300 to £3200
4 Bedroom House33-40 KW£2500 to £3500
5 Bedroom HouseSystem boiler/ Heat only boiler£3500 to £5500

These are the approximate prices for boiler replacement that includes replacement and installation costs of boilers, supplied and fitted.

New boilers are much more efficient, consist of condensing technology. Most condensing boilers are over 85% efficient and will be more cost-effective in the long term. Choosing the right boiler for your property needs will keep your home warm and save money on your heating bills.

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