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Broken Boiler – Common boiler problems

//Broken Boiler – Common boiler problems

Broken Boiler

A working boiler keeps a home warm and happy. But if something goes wrong with the boiler, it can be a real inconvenience, leaving you with no heating or hot water, with the burden of paying for a boiler repair or even a new boiler installation.

If you smell gas then it could be a more serious problem and you need to contact the Gas Emergency Services as soon as possible. You can contact National Grid Gas Emergency line on 0800 111 999.

There are a lot of things you can try before calling for professional help. Remember working on gas boilers without experience could be fatal and will invalidate your warranty. There are many professional Gas safe engineers who can help to fix your broken boiler and you can use our free service to get in touch with them. Here are some of the ways for you can identify a problem with your boiler.

Check Gas supply

Check to see if any other gas appliances in your house are working. If other gas appliances are not working, it means you have a gas supply problem and need to contact your gas supplier.

Check Power supply

Check the electric supply in your house and ensure that boiler is plugged to a power supply. Most new boilers come with a digital display; check to see if it’s on. If you had a power cut then your boilers’ clock could have been reset. If your boiler is not working due to a power cut, reset it and leave it for approximately ten minutes before switching it on.

Check Water supply

Check your water supply to the boiler is turned on. If you have any issues with the water supply, call your water supplier.

Check Boiler pressure

If the pressure gauge is showing a reading of one bar or less, it could mean that a low pressure has caused the boiler to stop work. Topping up the pressure could resolve this problem. In new boilers, pressure is set between 1.0-1.5 bars.

Check thermostat and programmer

Check that the boiler thermostat controller is on. If it’s a time-based system then ensure the clock is set correctly. Also check that the thermostat is set above room temperature.

Frozen pipes

Cold weather could affect the piping system and can freeze condensation, which could result in blockage in the heating system. This blockage can cause the boiler to fill up with water and trigger an automatic shutdown. You can solve this problem by pouring warm water into the end of the condensation pipe and resetting your boiler.

Boiler Still broken?

If you still have issues then it’s best to call a professional. Any gas safe engineer should be able to get your boiler back up and running. Get in touch to GET QUOTES from gas safe engineers.

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