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Common Boiler problems

//Common Boiler problems

Common Boiler Problems

A boiler is the most essential part of our home. We don’t think how important a working boiler is until it gives us problems or in worst cases, suddenly breaks down. A broken boiler could cause a lot of misery and chaos, especially in winter. If you are experiencing issues with your current boiler, in this guide we have explained the most common boiler problems, in detail, and how best to diagnose them, which may help you save money on calling out a professional engineer. Boiler breakdown usually occur in winter which could in turn cause your central heating system to breakdown as well.

Boiler not working

If your boiler has stopped working completely, you should check to see if you can switch it on from the boiler digital screen. If you still see no power then check the power source and the tripped electric cables. Also ensure to check that there is enough gas to supply the boiler.

If this doesn’t help then check the manual for further information and contact the manufacturer. As some boilers are covered under manufactures’ guarantee, your old boiler could still be covered.

If all of the above still doesn’t help your situation, then you should call a trusted gas safe engineer for professional help.

Boiler cutting out

If your boiler powers up and keeps switching itself off, there are number of reasons that could cause you boiler to trip. You should try resetting your boiler completely. It could be due to frozen pipes, a broken device which is sending the wrong signals or a broken pump.

Most new boilers have a safety feature designed to prevent boilers from overheating or stop operating completely. In this instance we recommend you to seek professional help from a trusted gas safe engineer.

No Heat or Hot water

This could be caused by various internal parts which could be broken, causing improper functioning.

Check your thermostat to see if the temperature is not set too low, check the boiler pressure and for any frozen water pipes. Make sure to do a visual check for the boiler and central heating system. Check all radiators and thermostatic valves to ensure they are not broken. A broken motorised diverter valve could also cause your central heating system to stop working.

Try resetting the boiler completely and if this don’t help then you should a call trusted gas safe engineer.

Boiler is leaking

There are various reasons that could cause your boiler to leak. It could be due to a broken part, damage pipe work; you should do a visual check to see if that’s the case. If your boiler is leaking, we recommend you to seek professional help from a gas safe registered engineer.

Boiler Losing Pressure

If your boiler pressure becomes problematic then your central heating system won’t work.

Your boiler should have a pressure gauge and if it’s below 1 you could have a problem with your boiler. You can reset the pressure and seek help from the instruction manual. If this don’t help then you should a call Gas safe registered engineer.

Frozen pipes

Cold weather could cause your pipes to freeze and stop your boiler from working. You should be able to check this by having a quick look on the pipes. If this has caused your boiler to stop working, we advise you to call a Gas Safe engineer who should be able to resolve this for you.

Noisy boiler

Boilers are not silent and do have some noise attached to them, however if it is making unusually louder noises then you should be concerned.

Boiler kettling or whistling is mostly a result of trapped air in the system; you can bleed your radiators to see if this resolves the issue. It could also be because of low water pressure or pump failure.

If  boiler is gurgling it suggests that you have a frozen pipe which is causing problems to the flow of water.

In this case we suggest you seek help from a gas safe engineer.

Radiators issue

Air build up or sludge in the system could cause your radiators to heat up inefficiently. You can resolve with this situation rather easily by bleeding your radiators; this can be done without seeking any professional help.

If your boiler continuously keep breaking, you could end up spending more money and replacing your old boiler with a new boiler is the best option. We advise you to get boiler quotes and compare prices for new boiler installations and boiler replacements.

Get free no obligation Boiler and central heating Quotes from your local trusted Gas Safe Engineers.