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Cost of replacing a radiator

//Cost of replacing a radiator

Replacing Radiator

Radiators are a unique heat distribution system and an integral part of your home. Radiators keep your home warm by providing heat throughout the property when needed. In cold weather when you use your radiators at full capacity, it can sometimes stop working and you may need to replace them. Instead, you may want to add or upgrade your existing heating system which will make it more efficient and keep your home warm for a longer period of time.

Replace a Radiator Like For Like

It is a simple job meaning your existing radiator will be replaced with a new radiator in the same place. If you are replacing it with a like for like radiator, remember to buy your new radiator the same size as the one you are replacing it with.

A plumber will be able to supply and fit your radiator including any modifications, pipe work and you can use our service to get the cost of radiator replacements, compare radiator quotes and save money on your radiator cost.

A like for like single radiator will cost approximately £125.00 to £150.00 to supply and fit. This radiator cost is just a guideline as a radiator replacement also depends on:

  • Size of the radiator
  • Type of the radiator
  • Design of radiator
  • Radiator valves

You may also need to change the radiator valves or thermostatic radiator valves which will result in extra cost. Radiator replacement should only take couple of hours.

Cost of Moving a Radiator to a New Location

This will require extra work such as pipe work, labour work as well as buying the additional boiler that’s going to replace the old one, and hence extra costs will be applied. If you are using the existing radiator then the radiator flush will remove any sludge build up. This will cost approximately £100.00 if you are using the same radiator and £150.00 to £180.00 if replacing radiator with a new one.

Adding a New Radiator

If you have extended your house or if a particular room in your house is too cold (or takes too long to warm up) then you may need to add another radiator in the room. Addition of a new radiator will cost you around £150.00 to £220.00 depending on how much pipework and extra work is required.

 Radiator size

There are over 100 sizes and thousands of different types of radiators available in the market.

Radiator size starts from around 400mm wide and can go up to 1600mm.

Most commonly, the horizontal radiators are used, however vertical radiators are also available.

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