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Gas safe Register

//Gas safe Register

What is Gas safe register ?

Gas Safe Register is an official gas registration body for the UK, appointed by the Health and Safety authority. It keeps a record of the registered businesses and engineers who are qualified and legally authorised to carry out work on gas appliances.

By law anyone who wants to repair or install a gas appliance e.g. gas boiler, gas cooker or gas fire place must be registered with the Gas Safe Register. The Gas Safe register also carries out regular inspections to ensure their standards are being maintained.

Every year, thousands of homeowners are put at risk by illegal and unsafe gas-work completed by unregistered individuals. The Gas Safe Register also investigates and prosecutes businesses and engineers caught carrying out illegal gas work.

Gas safe Engineer

An individual or business whom is gas safe registered are provided with an ID card which has 7-digit unique number. This ID card must be renewed annually by its holder if they wish to continue working with gas fired appliances.

Gas safe ID card

gas safe engineer

  • Engineers Picture
  • Security logos
  • Unique Licence no
  • Business registration no
  • Business they work for
  • Valid from and Expiry date
  • Qualification of Gas work authorised to carry out

Any engineer who is registered with Gas Safe should carry their IDs with them and it is advised that you always ask them to provide you with their gas safe ID card. You can then visit Gas Safe Register Website or call them to confirm that engineer is gas safe registered. Make sure to check the engineers’ qualifications; you can find these details at the back of official ID card. For example, a plumber might be able to fit a cooker but not a new boiler.

Gas safety

Gas is dangerous so if you’re having a new boiler fitted or any other gas work carried out, you should make sure the engineer is gas safe registered and qualified to carry out the necessary work.

If a gas appliance or pipe work is installed incorrectly it may leak gas which could cause fires or explosions resulting in deadly consequences.

If you are installing a new boiler or simply getting your boiler repair you should always use a Gas safe registered engineer to sort out any gas work.