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Honeywell Evohome

Honewell Evohome wifi connected Thermostat

Honeywell Evohome is a smart controller which works with any Apple or Android devices.

Technology is helping us drive the change in our daily lives and Honeywell has always contributed to the heating industry by making heating systems easy and cost effective for users. Honeywell Evohome smart thermostat is the most advanced heating system controller that can create and control up to 12 heating zones in your home. Setting up individual zones for your central heating system is what sets Evohome apart from other smart heating controllers, like Tado, Hive and Nest. The Evohome smart thermostat also controls domestic hot water. Zoning solutions are very easy to design and could even be designed for a simple layout property. Ideally Evohome could be used in large family homes, properties with multiple occupancy or small commercial use properties.


Evohome could help save money on your heating bills as you will be able to control each zone individually, making your home more energy efficient. It can be controlled with a touch screen control or through a smart mobile device or tablet. It  will control boiler and radiators at the same time by putting you in control of your central heating system.


Evohome comprises a smart thermostat controller, smart thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s) and a remote access gateway that connects wirelessly to the controller through the internet. The sensor’s or TRV’s replace existing TRV’s and display temperature and battery life. Honeywell Evohome is smart in many ways and also allows you to install multiple temperature sensor devices without making any amendments in your existing pipework. Radiator controllers are wireless hence an easy way of installing heating zones without the need for drainage. Although Evohome is advanced, it doesn’t offer the same level of access provided by Nest or Hive.

Benefits of Evohome

  • Complete control over boiler and central heating system
  • Control individual zones remotely
  • Set different temperature in different rooms -( multi zones )
  • Suitable for large properties or medium sized offices
  • medium sized properties and offices
  • Save money in the long run and cost of evohome smart control will pay itself off in few years

Cost of Evohome

Evohome starter pack costs start from £210.00 which includes a single radiator zone kit.

Optional hot water controller will cost approximately £65.

If you create additional heating zones then you will need extra sensors which starts from £50 each. You should also consider the fitting cost which usually starts from £100.


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