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Intergas Boiler Error

//Intergas Boiler Error

Intergas Boiler Error / Fault Codes

If your intergas boiler develops a fault, you will see an LED light flashing. Fault code will be shown on the main display of the boiler. The fault or error code will give you more information regarding the issue of your boiler. You can also use this code if contacting contact intergas; this notification will help them rectify the problem in your boiler more efficiently. The most common boiler faults can be solved by resetting your boiler.


Frost protection in Intergas boilers

The intergas boiler is equipped with an internal frost protection technology which prevents the boiler from going into frost mode. In the case of the intergas boiler going into frost mode, the error code 7 will be displayed on the boiler. When the heat exchanger temperature falls too low, the pump and burner switches will work until the heat exchanger temperate becomes normal. An external frost thermostat could be fitted if the installation is in danger of freezing to protect boiler.


Combi Compact error / fault code:

Error codeFaultSolution/Reason
0Sensor fault after self-checkReplace S1 and/or S2
1Temperature too highThere is air in the system.  Insufficient flow in the system, radiators closed, pump setting low. Pump not running. Replace S2.
2S1 and S2 interchangedCheck cable loom. Replace S1 or S2
3No flame signal 

Gas not present. No or incorrect ignition gap. Gas pressure too low. Gas valve or ignition not powered

4Poor flame signalCondensate drain blocked. Adjust gas valve
5Flame detection fault 

Replace ignition cable and spark plug cap. Boiler controller need replacing. Ignition unit need replacement.

6Incorrect fan speedCheck wiring and fan space. Replace fan
Sensor fault S1; Flow switch does not disconnectCheck wiring for break. Also check flow switch. Replace S1.
Sensor fault S2Check wiring . Replace S2
Gas valve relay faulty 

Replace boiler controller


General found finding for Combi Compact models based on boiler functionality

Burner does not igniteGas tap is closed.Open gas tap
Air in the gas pipeDischarge air form gas pipe
Gas supply pressure too lowContact the gas supplier
No ignitionReplace ignition electrode
No spark. Ignition unit on gas valve faultyCheck the cabling. Check the spark plug cap. Replace the ignition unit
Gas/air adjustment not correctly setCheck adjustment. See gas/air adjustment
Fan faultyCheck the wiring. Check the fuse , if necessary, replace the fan
Fan dirtyClean the fan
Gas valve faultyReplace the gas valve. Re-adjust the gas valve, see gas/air adjustment
Burner ignites noisilyGas supply pressure too highThe house pressure switch may be faulty. Contact the gas company.
Incorrect ignition gapReplace the ignition pin. Check the ignition electrode gap
Gas/air adjustment not correctly setCheck the setting. See gas/air adjustment.
Weak sparkCheck the ignition gap. Replace the ignition electrode. Replace the ignition unit on the gas valve.
Burner resonatingGas supply pressure too lowThe house pressure switch may be faulty. Contact the gas company
Re circulation of combustion gassesCheck the gas flue and air supply
Gas/air adjustment not correctly setCheck the setting, see gas/air adjustment
No central heatingRoom thermostat weather-dependent adjustment not closed or faultyCheck the wiring. Replace the thermostat. Replace the weather-dependent adjustment
No current (24 V)Check the wiring against the diagram. Check the connector X4. Replace the faulty manager
Pump not runningCheck the power supply. Check connector X2. Replace faulty pump
Burner not firing on CH: sensor S1 or S2 faultyReplace sensor S1 or S2. See fault code
Burner does not igniteGo to Burner does not ignite fault finding section.
The power is reducedAt high rpm the power has fallen by more than 5%Check appliance and flue system for fouling. Clean the appliance and flue system.
Central heating does not reach temperatureRoom thermostat setting incorrectCheck the setting and if necessary adjust: Set to 0.1A
Temperature is too lowIncrease the CH temperature. See Operating CH . Check outside sensor for short circuiting. Rectify
Pump not running correctly. Pump setting is too lowIncrease pump setting, or replace the pump
No circulation in the installationCheck whether there is circulation: at least 2 or 3 radiators must be open
The boiler power has not been correctly set for the installationAdjust the power. See setting maximum CH power
No heat transfer as a result of lime scale or fouling in the heat exchangerDe-scale or flush the heat exchanger on the CH side
No hot waterFlow switch not switchingDHW flow < 2.0 l/min. Replace the flow switch
No current at the flow switch (5V DC)Check the wiring according to the diagram
Burner not firing on DHW: S3 faultyReplace S3
Burner does not igniteGo to burner does not ignite fault finding section
Hot water does not reach temperatureDHW flow to highAdjust the inlet assembly
Temperature setting for water circuit too lowSet the hot water circuit, depending on the desired temperature
No heat transfer as a result of lime scale or fouling in the heat exchanger DHW sideDescale or flush the exchanger DHW side


Intergas boiler PC interface

The intergas boiler controller can be communicated with a PC. It can be connected by an intergas software diagnostic tool. This allows you to control your boiler functionality and you can monitor the heating installation for an extensive period of time.


Intergas boiler Test programs

Another option is to run a test program software for intergas boiler which takes approximately 10 minutes. During the test program, Boiler safety functions will be activated.


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