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MagnaClean filters

MagnaClean Boiler Filters

What is a MagnaClean ?

Adey have been developing filters for decades and MagnaClean is a brand owned by Adey. MagnaClean is a central heating system filter that keeps your central heating free of magnetite within the system and prolong the life of your central heating system. Magnetite, also known as sludge, is the result of a chemical reaction in the system. The central heating system generates sludge annually, decreasing its efficiency, resulting in higher energy bills. Sludge creates cold spots in radiators which results in the radiators producing less heat.

How does Magnaclean work?

The MagnaClean filter is installed permanently near the boiler to catch the sludge as it passes through the central heating system. Magnaclean can be fitted any time on your current system so you don’t need to wait for your boiler replacement to have one fitted.

Once the MagnaClean filter is installed, it will start protecting your central heating system by catching rust particles that passes through. This filter also protects your boiler and thus reducing the number of breakdowns. This filter should be cleaned at least once a year. Cleaning the MagnaClean filter is simple and only involves a spanner and couple of small valves. However, if you do not feel comfortable cleaning it yourself, you can wait for your boiler service where an engineer can clean the filter and perform a boiler service at the same time.

Benefits of a MagnaClean filter

Installing any filter onto your central heating will protect your boiler and MagnaClean being the best, can help in the following ways:

  • Protects central heating system.
  • Increased life of your central heating system.
  • Keep central heating system sludge free meaning reduced energy bills.
  • Environmentally friendly by reducing the carbon emission produced by your central heating system.

Types of MagnaClean filters

There are 3 types of MagnaClean filters available

  • MagnaClean Micro 2
  • MagnaClean Professional 2
  • MagnaClean 2XP

MagaClean Micro 2

A small and compact filter which is used in tight spaces or small properties with less than 10 radiators.

MagnaClean Professional 2

The most commonly used filter. It is bigger in size, and so will catch more debris. This filter is installed in medium sized properties with up to 16 radiators.

MagnClean Professional 2XP

The biggest filter available in MagnaClean filter range and catches the most debris

MagnaClean filters comes in two types of variations

  1. Filter witch a chemical pack (MC1 and MC3)
  2. Filter only

MC1 is a chemical that helps prevent debris build up in the heating system. Any debris present will flow through the filter and be removed from central heating system.

MC3 is a powerful chemical cleaner which will help remove a large proportion of sludge build up in the system.

MagnaClean Prices

MagaClean Micro 2 filter costs between £65.00 and £80.00 for a 22mm boiler filter.

MagaClean Micro 2 filter with chemical pack (Filter, MC1 & MC3) costs between £90.00 and £120.00

MagnaClean Professional 2 filter costs between £95.00 and £110.00 for a 22mm boiler filter.

MagnaClean Professional 2 with chemical pack (Filter, MC1 & MC3) costs between £120.00 and £140.00

MagnClean Professional 2XP filter costs between £150.00 and £170.00 for a 28mm boiler filter.

Intsallation Cost of Boiler filter

The installation cost of fitting a filter is between £80.00 and £110.00.