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Magnetic Boiler Filter

Magnetic Boiler filter

A magnetic boiler filter also known as Magnetic System Filter

is designed to catch any magnetic materials before they pass through the boiler. As the heating system is made up of various metals, overtime sludge builds up in the system causing it to become less efficient which can result in the breakdown of the boiler.

It also helps to prevent blockages in radiators, pipework, heat exchanger and pump. These are important and expensive parts to replace or fix and the best way to protect them is by using a magnetic filter, which can be fitted into any type of boiler e.g. combi boiler, System boiler or oil boiler.


An inhibitor is a chemical that works on preventing the heating system from developing magnetite and other sludge. The inhibitor must be used whilst installing a new magnetic filter.


The cleaner is chemical that works by breaking down magnetite and other sludge in the system. Small broken down pieces of sludge passes through the filter stopping it from reaching the boiler. The cleaner must be used whilst installing a new magnetic filter.

Best Boiler System Filters

After speaking to various engineers within our network, the best boiler system filters are listed below:

Worcester System Filters

If you have or are having a worcester boiler installed then it’s best to choose the worcester boiler filter. The worcester system filter is called Green star system filter. It will also increase your warranty for the boiler

MagnaClean System Filters

MagnacClean system filters are available in different sizes and prices to suit any type of boiler. MagnaClean system filters are made by Adey a well-known and popular brand amongst installers. It can fit to any brand of boiler.

Types of MagnaClean System Filters

  • MagnaClean Atom
  • MagnaClean Micro2
  • MagnaClean Professional2
  • MagnaClean Professional2XP

Fernox TF1 System Filters

Fernox system filter is a Corgi award-winning filter. These system filters are available in different sizes to accommodate different types of spaces. It can be fitted with most boilers and both vertical and horizontal pipework. The Fernox filter can be connected to 22mm and 28mm pipework.

Types of Fernox TF1 System Filters

  • Sigma Filter
  • Omega Filter
  • Delta Filter

Salus System Filter

The Salus system filter (Salus Mag Defender) is a highly efficient, large filter and can be fitted to both vertical and horizontal pipework. It comes with a 5 year warranty and is an excellent budget fitter.

Installation cost of magnetic boiler filter

Installation cost depends on

  • Brand of Magnetic filter
  • Quantity of radiators
  • Any pipework required

It will cost you around £100.00 to £125.00 for the installation and £200.00 to £260.00 if any pipework is required. A worcester greenstar boiler filter will cost you anywhere between £300.00 to £400.00.

Maintaining Magnetic boiler filter

It is simple to open and clean but if you have an annual boiler service planned, then it is advisable to add this to the deal. Maintaining your magnetic boiler filter will help protect your central heating system.