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Nest Thermostat E- Smart Heating Control

///Nest Thermostat E- Smart Heating Control

Nest Smart Heating Controls (Thermostat E)

Nest helped pioneer the smart heating controls industry and remains a big part of the business by introducing Nest Thermostat E. Thermostat E delivers a smart look with a low price, which can be installed easily by the user. Nest Thermostat E is the most budget friendly thermostat in Nest range which also allows you to save money on energy bills.

The latest design of Nest Thermostat E is a frosted glass centre, which is surrounded by a white control ring on the outer rim.

How does Nest Thermostat E works?

This smart thermostat comes with a pre-set schedule that can be edited directly or via the app. An alternative option is allowing the Thermostat E to keep track of your temperature preferences and movements over time, after which it will adjust its settings accordingly to keep your home warm and energy efficient. If nobody is in the house Nest Thermostat E will detect this and shut down your heating to save money and if you come home early then it will switch on the heating for you. You can always fire it up using your phone or smart device from any location with the Nest app.


nest thermostat

  • Remote control

Use it from your phone, tablet or laptop.

  • Check your Energy Usage

See how much you saved and how to save more.Reduced energy bills.

  • Family Accounts

Everyone at home can use Nest app

  • Know if there’s a problem

Nest can tell you about problems.


Warranty2 Years
Design24 Bit Colour LCD, Ceramic feel finish, White
Connection requirementsInternet, Smart device, Nest app
SensorsHumidity, Temperature, Proximity/Occupancy
InstallationEasy to install yourself
ControlControl central heating from anywhere
Energy SavingsProven energy savings
CompatibilityWorks with most boilers and heating systems
StandCan be placed anywhere