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Nest Vs Hive – Smart Heating Controls

///Nest Vs Hive – Smart Heating Controls

Nest vs Hive: Battle of the Best Smart Thermostat in 2019?

Advances in technology allowed us to develop smart heating controls. Nest thermostat, developed by Google, has been at the forefront of smart thermostatic technology. However latest version of Hive, by British Gas, has changed the game. If you are looking to heat your home through technology then Nest 3rd generation thermostat or Hive heating are the smartest options.

Smart Thermostat benefits

Smart thermostat helps you take control of your home’s heating, helping you to reduce your energy bills by:

  • Having greater control of your heating system
  • Learning and adapting to your heating needs
  • Controlling your heating system remotely via apps
  • Automatic adjustments to weather conditions
  • Presence detection- when you leave or arrive to the house
  • Options of creating individual heat zones, only heat the areas needed
  • Less carbon footprint

Nest vs Hive – Design

Nest 3rd generation thermostat is known to be the attractive smart thermostat which receives top marks from users. Its circular design has a glass front and metal rim, which is very aesthetically pleasing and something that users are happy displaying on their walls. Nest’s circular design is practical too. You can adjust the temperature in an instant by twisting the entire device and pushing in the thermostat to activate your heating.

Hive heating has made huge improvements in design over the years. Hive heating 2 looks slicker and more attractive than its original version and comes in different colours to suit your decor. Hive comes with a few buttons and a main dial to adjust your temperature settings and navigate to other options.

Nest vs Hive – Comparison

Nest and Hive are similar in many ways and both will give you great control over your heating system. You can control temperature, the hot water system and set heating schedules. Nest 3rd generation and Hive active heating 2 offer presence detection meaning they use your phones GPS system to detect your location and switch the system off when you are out and turn it back on once you return.

Nest vs Hive – Differences


Nest is a self-learning thermostat and after a week of being installed it will adapt to your home and will anticipate your heating needs without requiring to be scheduled.

Hive Active heating has manual schedule settings and can’t improve automatically, requiring you to change settings manually.

Multiple heating zones

Nest app lets you create up to 20 zones and each zone is controlled by a Nest thermostat. You can also create family accounts.

Hive heating offers less support for multiple zones. You can have up to 3 zones using multi zone feature within the app.

Nest vs Hive – How do they work?

Both smart thermostats work similarly by communicating with the boiler through a device called a ‘Receiver’ for Hive and ‘Heat Link’ for Nest.

Nest 3rd generation thermostat will learn your habits and configures itself over time however you have to set your schedule if you are installing Hive active heating. Once Hive active heating is setup it works just like Nest.

Nest vs Hive – Installation

Nest 3rd generation thermostat can be installed by plugging it into a wall socket and using the provided stand, second option is to replace wall mounted thermostat and use the existing wiring to connect it.

lights on heat link

nest 3rd generation

Hive active heating 2 is straight forward: open the back and place four AA batteries. You can put Hive active heating 2 on any wall you like.

             hive 3rd generation   hive heating

With a little DIY knowledge, you might be able to install these devices or use compare heating quotes for a free service to get quotes.

Compatible systems

Nest works with

  • Combi boilers
  • System boilers
  • Heat-only boilers
  • Hydronic underfloor heating systems
  • Air sourced and ground sourced heat pumps

Hive says works with

  • Gas boilers
  • LPG boilers
  • Electric boilers
  • Underfloor heating systems (Non Electric)


Nest 3rd Generation Thermostat

Hive Active Heating 2

Price£140 – £ 220£169 – £180
Installation Cost£100£100
Heating and Hot water controlYesYes
DesignCircular design, Wall mounted, Stand DisplaySquare design, wall mounted,
Multi ZoneUp to 20 zones, up to 2 homesUp
Voice controlAmazon Echo (Alexa),Google homeAmazon Echo (Alexa)

Holiday Mode



Nest vs Hive Performance

Both products work great and have received glowing reviews from users. Both systems work accurately and can be controlled from anywhere with the smartphone app.They are compatible with range of boilers.

Nest App

Hive App

Hive geo location

Nest vs Hive – which one should I buy?

Both heating devices offer similar types of features and are a great way to make your heating smart. They both looked great and are well priced.

Nest 3rd generation is a little smarter than Hive active heating due to its learning algorithm which will adjust your heating over time and is compatible with the Nest smart home kit.

Hive active heating has been playing catch-up but Hive Active heating 2 is now well matched in most of the key areas. Hive active heating works better if you are looking to use one system for everything in your house and gives you more control over your central heating.

Nest vs Hive – Energy Savings

Nest or Hive gives you more control over energy usage and helps you manage the cost of your heating bills by:

  • Detecting when you leave or arrive home
  • Learning and controlling your heat how you wants it
  • Automatic adjustment of the weather conditions to avoid overheating or frozen pipes
  • Controlling heating in individual rooms when needed
  • Controlling through an app via mobile phones, tablet or PC

These smart heating controls can save you up to £ 130 a year.

Nest vs Hive which one’s better?

Nest and Hive both give you great control over your heating. Nest picks up your habits however the Hive app doesn’t. They are well matched in many of the key areas.

If you have a usual routine at home then nest wins hands down.

If you want more control over your heating system then hive will be better suited.