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Ways to buy a new boiler

//Ways to buy a new boiler

Once you have decided on replacing your old, faulty or inefficient boiler with a new boiler, you will find there are three options available to you. Replacing your old boiler to new boiler will help you save in repair cost but as new boiler will be more efficient you will save more in the long run.

Here at compare heating quote we understands that cost of replacing a boiler could be substantial, so we work in the interest of our customers by giving them option of multiple free no obligation quotes. There are plenty of boiler deals and boiler offers available and we help you get the best boiler deals.

In order to save money all you will have to do is provide us your details by filling our online form. Once we got you details we will arrange for up to 3 Qualified and Gas safe registered engineers to contact you to arrange a suitable time to provide you a boiler quote. Then you will have the options to choose from different quotes to the one that best suits your needs without having the obligation to go ahead.

  1. Pay outright

Paying outright or upfront is always the best option but keep in mind that replacing your old boiler to a new boiler could cost you a substantial amount. The average cost replacing a boiler is around £2400, however it could be less or more depending on your needs and that’s why we provide you different quotes so our customers are always in control.

  1. Boiler Finance

Paying outright for new boiler is not for everyone so we also provide our customers the option of replacing their boiler through finance.

If you think this the way for you then you will need to apply for credit and your credit rating will be checked to see if you could keep the repayments.

Boiler finance depends on

  • How much you going to borrow
  • Length of the finance

The more you pay upfront the less you need to borrow. The lender then charge a fixed interest for the certain amount of time and you will be required to pay an installment every month.

There are different types of finance options are available.

Pay monthly boilers

Pay monthly boiler replacement options are similar to other finance options. Compare heating quotes work in the interest of their customers and always looking to offer customers more options so our customer can choose what’s best suited for them.

Pay monthly boiler finance works in a way where you could be a minimum upfront payment or take the whole amount on credit, the lender then applies a Typical APR representative interest on the amount that customers are required to pay over the time. We can help you get best boiler deals if you decided to pay for your boiler monthly.

Interest free boiler finance

As it sound in this case you don’t have to pay any interest amount on top of your boiler replacement cost. Some big companies such as E.on and British gas has started providing customers a range of options.We can help you get best boiler offers if you decided to pay for your boiler through finance.

In this type of finance deal you will have to pay around 25% upfront and rest will spread over the course of years. These finance deals are normally very long and could take years to pay it back.

Buy now Pay later

There are companies in the market that will give you the option to replace your old boiler under this credit agreement. Buy now pay later boiler finance deal work in a way where you pay a minimum amount and you are not required to make any payment for certain amount of time, after the expiry of no payment time you could either pay in full or pay monthly. We can provide you with best boiler offers with best deals. Get boiler quotes , Compare boiler prices and save money on new boiler.

Boiler quotes

We advised you to compare boiler quotes to get the best boiler and better boiler quote.

Use our free service to get boiler quotes and save money on boiler replacement.