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Worcester Bosch Boiler Prices 2018

//Worcester Bosch Boiler Prices 2018

Worcester Bosch in one of the UK’s most trusted boiler manufacturers and has been in the central heating market since 1962. Worcester Bosch boilers are the most popular boiler choice among UK households. Worcester Bosch offers Gas, LPG as well as oil boilers which are considered energy efficient A rated. Worcester Boilers has been rated Which? Best buy, for 8 years running.

If you are looking to get a Worcester boiler and want to know the prices, look no further as we have done the research for you to understand just that:


Worcester bosch boiler prices supplied and fitted

Type of BoilerBoiler PriceSupplied and fitted
Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler£800-£1680£1800-£2800
Worcester Bosch System Boiler£900-£1100£1800-£2200
Worcester Bosch Conventional Boiler£800-£1800£1800-£3000

The prices indicated in the table are if you are installing your Worcester boiler in the same place. Re-site of your Worcester Bosch boiler will increase your cost due to the added pipework, materials and labour.

Worcester Bosch Boiler Size

There are more than 40 types of Worcester boilers that are available; the best boiler for you will depend on your central heating and hot water needs. Choosing the correct Worcester boiler will provide you central heating and hot water on demand, preventing the need for added fuel costs and Worcester boiler installation costs. Combi boilers are the most commonly installed boilers and most gas safe engineers will recommend you to replace old combi boilers with a new combi boiler.

If you are installing your new Worcester boiler at the same place then new boiler dimensions will most likely be the same. If you want to relocate and install your Worcester boiler or add Worcester smart controls then extra cost will be applied in your Worcester boiler installation.


BathroomsRadiatorsBoiler TypeBoiler Size

Up to 2 Bedrooms


8Combi Boiler


Up to 4 Bedrooms

Up to 2

12Combi Boiler


4 or more bedrooms2 or more17Combi or conventional Boiler


Worcester Bosch boiler energy efficiency

Heating accounts for more than 50% of what we spend in a year on energy bills. The cost of gas or electric continue to rise making energy efficiency a lot more important in households. An energy efficient Worcester boiler will not only save you on energy bills but also help our climate by producing less carbon footprints.

Property TypeEnergy efficiency under

71% – Grade G

Energy efficiency

70-74% – Grade F

Energy efficiency

74-78% – Grade E

Energy efficiency

78-82% – Grade D

Detached Bungalow£190£150£100£80

A new boiler can save you money on your energy bills and keep your taps hot and home warm. (These savings are approximate and some factors could increase or decrease your savings)

If you replace your in-efficient Worcester combi boiler G rated with a new Worcester combi boiler with A rated energy efficiency, this could save you up to £360.00 in energy bills.

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Worcester bosch Combi Boilers

Worcester Bosch combi boiler heats water directly from the mains source whenever a hot water tap is used. Combi boilers are also considered compact boilers as they take less pace without having to install extra hot / cold water storage cylinder. However, combi boilers could struggle if more than one hot water tap is opened in the house at the same time. Combi boiler installation cost is relatively cheaper requiring less time and materials.

Worcester Combi Boiler Prices and Specifications

ModelFuelEfficiency RatingOutputPrice
Greenstar 25iGas/LPGA25KW£850
Greenstar 30iGas/LPGA30KW£950
Greenstar 25Si CompactGas/LPGA25KW£1000
Greenstar 30SiGas/LPG30KW£1220
Greenstar 28CDi CompactGas/LPG28KW£1050
Greenstar 29CDi ClassicGas/LPG29£1100
Greenstar 34CDi ClassicGas/LPG34KW£1250
Greenstar 32CDi CompactGas/LPG32KW£1300
Greenstar 36CDi CompactGas/LPG36KW£1275
Greenstar 38CDi ClassicGas/LPG38KW£1380
Greenstar 42CDi ClassicGas/LPG42KW£1670
Greenstar Highflow 440CDiGas/LPG29KW£2000
Greenstar Highflow 550CDiGas/LPG30KW£2450
Greenstar Heatslave ||Oil25KW£2600
Greenstar 24i JuniorGas/LPG24KW£800

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